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Free Guitar lesson online - learn to play guitar the easy way, here you'll find regular updates, of scales, chords, tablature, videos, youtube suggestions and reviews, techniques to help aid and promote real musical growth. Learning the guitar can take time and requires patience becuase when we learn guitar and other musical instruments we learn in stages, sometimes we can practise for ages and seemingly get no results, at these periods we need to keep ourselves focused on our goals and acheviements. .Learn your basic chords. Learn different rythmns Learn your basic scales. Learn to recognise your errors and correct them accordingly. Analyse your playing to discovers areas that require improvement. Improve you playing. Learn different guitar styles. Support Live Music !!! 

Power chords lesson for Guitar

Here's a cool type of chord. Power chords are used a lot in rock music. They're easy to play because they only have two notes! Power chords really give you that "heavy" sound. Feel free to turn up the distortion!

Let's start with the E and A
power chords in the diagrams. You'll notice that all you're playing is one open string and one string with your index finger. Now, here's something cool to learn: instead of playing that note with your index finger, play it with your ring (3rd) finger. Then slide it up a couple frets and add your index (1st) finger to form the chord shapes in the G or B power chords. You can slide this power chord shape up and down the neck, and jump back and forth between strings.

Power Chord Lesson Video