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A guitar tuner online is a device used by musicians to tune standard instruments. A musician plays a note, and a display (a needle, an LCD simulated needle, LED lights, or a spinning translucent disk illuminated by a strobe light--the tuning of a sample note is determined by whether the markings on the disk appear to drift to one direction or the other, or to stay steadily in place) tells the musician whether the pitch of that note is lower, higher, or approximately equal to the desired pitch. Some models try to automatically detect which pitch is intended, others require the musician to specify the target pitch, and others allow the user to choose between these two modes. Some tuning models allow the user to select reference pitches other than A440. Most online guitar tuners only allow tuning to an equal temperament scale. These are available in a variety of makes and models and are mainly used to tune guitars.

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Tuning a Guitar using a standard online guitar tuner

here are a standard guitars tuning frequencies

String Note Frequency
1 (Highest) e' 329.6 Hz
2 b 246.9 Hz
3 g 196.0 Hz
4 d 146.8 Hz
5 A 110 Hz
6 (Lowest) E 82.4 Hz


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Guitar Tuner Online