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Each week at Guitar lesson online we'll be adding more Beginners guitar lessons, excersises, playing techniques from some of the most popular players and styles.

Beginners guitar lessons need to start with the most basic chords such as E Minor and A Major then progressing onto more complex chords.At first its enough to just fret the chords and make try to stop any un-toward buzzing that you might be experiencing.When beginning guitar playing your pads on your fingers will feel some discomfort but this is prefectly normal and should not be a worrying factor, after a period of regular practise you will notice the pain subside and disappear altogether and your finger tip pads will have hardened enough so's not to cause any painful feelings.

Playing Posture can cause discomfort also and you should make sure you are stting in a position that you can hold for a period of time, try to sit forward with your back straight as opposed to slouching on a sofa, you'l probably find your chirds sound cleaner sounding also.
Plectrum Technique can aleaviate any pain associated with strumming with your fingers and also can increase accuracy and speed in certain techniques, namely lead guitar work and other faster forms of guitar playing.


Beginners guitar lessons